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CyberKongz Genkai is a collection of 20,000 anime‑inspired collectibles journeying through Niakea.

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Step into the world of Niakea, and join CyberKongz in a new IP focused and gaming driven journey. Explore the art of Genkai, find your tribe, and collect those Emaki.
Genkai will be a utility-enabled PFP that will hold unique characteristics to the CyberKongz ecosystem. They will serve as CyberKongz flagship collection, as we continue to expand our IP in web2 and web3.
No boundaries; no limits.
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Genkai Kong Preview
Genkai Kong PreviewGenkai Kong PreviewGenkai Kong Preview


Genkai will be the first non-Axie IP setting foot on Ronin.
4,000 Genkai will be available on Ronin at a cost of 0.25 ETH or the equivalent in RON.

Want to stand out?

Discover the collection in a new way by minting traits that are exclusive to either Ronin or Ethereum.
The entire Genkai collection will be able to bridge back and forth between Ronin and Ethereum once the bridge is complete.
Together with Sky Mavis we will be bringing new gamified experiences to Mavis Hub including a full transition of existing experiences currently available on Polygon.
Emaki text


Deep-rooted magic lies within these ancient Emaki, Genkai hold all the secrets. More will be revealed soon.

The tribes of niakea

Tribes are an integral part to the journey of Genkai. Upon receiving your Genkai, you will be assigned a tribe that will enable you to partake in unique gamified experiences.
Each tribe will be identified by its own set of exclusive fur traits that will distinguish them from one another.
humba tribe area arthumba tribe icon


Humba is a sprawling, modern megacity built harmoniously with nature on a lush, dense, and plentiful jungle plateau that is split between east and west Humba by the powerful ancient Whistling River. This plateau that Humba is built on, has not only served as a geographic barrier from enemies but also a self-sustaining incubator of arguably the richest and most diverse collection of life-giving flora in all of Niakea.
senkwekwe tribe area artsenkwekwe tribe icon


The Senkwekwe wetlands is an isolated and dangerous jungle wetland that is a place of paradoxical beauty and danger. Located at the intersection of the glacial Jolgue mountains to the north and the roiling, tempestuous ocean to the south, the geography of this region is characterized by a complex interplay of land, water, and climate.
kabirizi tribe area artkabirizi tribe icon


The Kabirizi, the ancient society of the Scorched Desert, have withstood the test of time in one of the harshest environments in Niakea. For thousands of years, they have endured the treacherous conditions of this unforgiving land, adapting to its fierce climate and the perilous terrain that surrounds them.
rugendo tribe area artrugendo tribe icon


An unrelenting icy arctic northeast peninsula of the Niakea. This unforgiving glacial landscape is characterized by ceaseless sharp peaks and vast expanses of ice, dotted with various geographical features known throughout Rugendo society.
bageni tribe area artbageni tribe icon


The Bageni peninsula is a remote and rugged region located on the southwestern tip of Niakea, neighbored by the vast Siareeb Jungle. This narrow strip of land juts out into the southern Bobi Seas, culminating in a jagged point marked by a series of shallow reefs, underwater canyons, and mysterious islands.
neo_kongz tribe area artneo_kongz tribe icon

neo kongz

Neo Kongz City is an immense, dense, and diverse megacity situated on a vast landmass off the western coast of Niakea. The city replaced its once-lush, biodiverse jungle with a sprawling urban landscape. The native flora and fauna have been nearly eradicated, and the city now relies on artificially created vegetation to maintain some semblance of its natural past.
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